Crosscall SHARK V2 Manual

Crosscall SHARK-V2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Crosscall SHARK-V2. If the adventure is your thing and you’ve seen more than one device fall, dives or because it stays fried at high temperatures … the Shark-V2 allows you to forget about any weather condition and enjoy 100% of your adventure .

Download Manual And User Guide Of Crosscall SHARK-V2

It is not a novelty that the Crosscall smartphone is made to resist even in the very same space (there not yet, but I’m sure we’ll be surprised soon).

The Shark series is new in Manuals and Tutorials and that deserves a presentation as it should.

The quality of this Shark that we can not find in the other devices of the French brand is that it has the award to be the first floating smartphone in the market.

This supposes an added advantage to the users that are friends of the water that will not see lose in the cold darkness their devices but that will be let take by the current without leaving the surface.

Apart from this great advantage the V2 is equally resistant and has the IP68 against dust, water and with immersion capacity of up to 1 meter. The falls will not mean anything until we fall from a skyscraper.

Unlike other smartphones such as the TREKKER-M1, this has a much more humble performance and its use is something simpler, low-end, similar to the Nokia 106.

A smartphone designed to withstand days without a charger, that resists the inclement weather and that allows us to call, write messages and little else.

Because he does not have, he does not have a camera. So if you are attracted by its elegant and aggressive design but you are looking for a current mobile experience with an extra protected device, we recommend other options such as the Ulefone Armor 2, but not a SHARK.

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