Crosscall Odyssey S1

Crosscall Odyssey-S1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Crosscall Odyssey-S1. We already have the Odyssey S1 user guide. The improved version of the Odyssey + that left us feeling so good and that begins to set in the market.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Crosscall Odyssey-S1

The differences are quite subtle with respect to the original device but after a careful analysis we have realized that it is worth opting for the new S1.

Among the aspects that do not change is the 4″ screen and the main camera of 8 MP with which we will capture beautiful images in high definition at 720p.

The most notable difference will be discussed at the end of the entry and now we will focus on the rest that continue to have their weight, especially in performance. The first virtue that has improved the French company is internal storage.

As many will know, the first Odyssey had only 4 GB of internal memory which was a storage problem when discounting pre-installed apps and the operating system.

In the S1 this amount is doubled (8 GB) so that we can manage our content much better. Neither is to shoot rockets but has also improved the expansion via microSD that is now up to 64 GB.

The front camera rises a little so that our selfies do not look like 90’s photos. A 2 MP sensor allows us to capture medium quality photos with greater clarity than the odyssey.

The battery has also gained some capacity, reaching up to 3,000 mAh with a standby time of up to 13 days. The Bluetooth connection is faster (4.0) and the USB port has OTG compatibility to connect external devices.

And finally, the novelty that, for us, is the most useful considering the expected use of these smartphones: 4G connectivity. Connecting to the high-speed network can be the difference between a fright and a misfortune.

It will also help us find valuable information en route so that our experiences will be much more enriching.

We did not want to comment but it is the right thing to do. The price is the biggest difference since the S1 is practically double. In the following link you have the instruction guide in case you want to analyze the device in depth before deciding.

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