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Prestashop. If there is a powerful tool within creating online business, this is Prestashop. A CMS that allows developers to build online stores in a short time and fully functional.

Prestashop Manual And User Guide PDF
Prestashop Manual And User Guide PDF

From the early versions of this complete CMS to the present there have been many changes. The code has been trite and visually it is much more elegant.

Download Manual and User Guide of  Prestashop

This allows us to develop online stores with the necessary to enter the world of ecommerce by the big door.

This CMS has a very intuitive management panel with a multitude of options. We can manage users, customers, orders and a lot etcetera.

The system offers a wide range of typical store possibilities. We can adapt the design to our taste or brand. There is no limit, only the one of our knowledge or the one of the webmaster that realizes our store.

This manual allows both the user and the developer to have in-depth knowledge of how to manage the store. How to create or modify tables, create search criteria or new reports, such as analyzing statistics or modifying shipping options.

A very complete manual to master the whole system and get the most out of it.

The CMS allows you to install native modules to considerably extend the base functions.

We can find modules to accelerate our store, create search and filters, improve search engine optimization (SEO), include advertising and marketing or include the indispensable social networks. There is for all tastes and all needs.

Currently, the latest version of this free software is 1.5 and already has more than 150,000 online stores. Constant updates make it easy to be at the forefront of the latest technologies.

It has more than 300 functionalities and does not stop growing and growing.

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