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OsCommerce. This CMS for e-commerce and online management came to light in 2000 and is 100% developed in PHP. To work you need an Apache server and a MySQL database.

OsCommerce Manual And User Guide PDF
OsCommerce Manual And User Guide PDF

The software developed by Harald Ponce de León works under Windows, Unix, MacOS and Linux servers. It is able to support multiple functionalities thanks to the addition of additional modules.

These are installed easily from the administration area.

Download Manual and User Guide of OsCommerce

Like any online store, this CMS consists of two parts: the public part and the administration part. The first one consists of the catalog of available products, the shopping cart, user zone, etc.

The second is the administration part, where the owner / s of the store can manage orders, products, shipping methods, etc.

This second part is the most important since it is where the entire web is controlled. The administrator can upload or modify products, change prices, include bids, classify products into categories and labels, or view the status of orders.

Thanks to all these functions, customers can view the status of their orders, add different delivery addresses or collect their orders safely.

It has the most forms of payment, from credit and debit cards to internet payments such as Paypal or RapiPago. The latter requires an additional module to use. The CMS allows us to manage the products in several currencies.

From the administration area we can make backups to recover our web in case of critical failure of the server. It also has smart shopping cart to remember what the customer wants in case of closing the web by accident.

It also has support for secure transactions, something totally recommended for any online purchase.

The administrator also has the option to provide a complete shipping service with companies such as UPS or FedEx. You can also add banners, send periodic bulletins or manage different rates.

In short, a very powerful software for the creation of online stores.

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