Chuwi SurBook | SurBook mini Manual And User Guide PDF

Chuwi SurBook | SurBook mini Manual And User Guide PDF

Chuwi SurBook | SurBook mini Manual And User Guide PDF

Chuwi SurBook | SurBook mini. In April 2017, Chuwi decided to launch two devices with a design inspired by the Microsoft Surface, but with a cheaper price and, obviously, a lower power.

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Even so, both the SurBook and the SurBook mini are very interesting options for what a team with features similar to the Surface look for. Both Microsoft and Chuwi offer the user an ultralight and versatile equipment that can accompany us on any trip and allows us to work or play without complications.

It is clear that an economic price supposes reduction of benefits. Let’s see both devices and what their differences are.

What does the Chuwi SurBook offer us?

It is the largest model with a 12.3 “screen and a resolution of 2.736 x 1.824 pixels that allows us to enjoy defined images and videos in high resolution. Like the Surface, the screen is totally tactile to be able to use it as a Tablet.

Inside we find a Intel Celeron N3450 quad-core processor accompanied by 6 GB of RAM and 128 internal storage.

These last two do not change with respect to the Surface in numbers but in technology since it is not SSD.

The best news is that it has native HDMI micro and not the Microsoft input that we do not like either. The rear camera is 5 MP, the front of 2 MP and super fast charging thanks to the USB port type C.

What does the Chuwi SurBook mini offer us?

The most important differences of this version are the internal storage and the size of the screen ergo its dimensions. The first one is reduced to 64 GB, but maintains the expansion via micro SD.

And the screen size drops to 10.5 “with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. It is not bad either.

The rest remains the same as the processor and RAM and other connections. Important to note that both are available in Windows and Lynux.

Chuwi offers two versions of its 2in1 for those who have a budget but with generic graphic cards so they are not designed to fly the best games on the market but rather for office automation, internet and multimedia anywhere.

Chuwi SurBook | SurBook mini  support site
Chuwi Surbook and Chuwi Surbook mini manual for Windows 10
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