Chuwi LapBook 15,6 Manual

Chuwi LapBook 15,6 Manual And User Guide PDF

Chuwi LapBook 15,6. If you love the MacBook Air but are not willing to pay its price, we recommend you keep in mind this LapBook. Outwardly it is quite similar and its interior will not disappoint you.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Chuwi LapBook 15,6

It is clear that we will not have a MacBook in our hands. That’s clear. The interior has good benefits but they do not reach the level of “the apple”. The good news is that its price is very but much lower than the Apple device.

The design reminds us of its convertible tablet like the Chuwi Hi12 but it must be made clear that it is a laptop. In fact, the screen is not tactile and has a keyboard that includes trackpad for comfortable use.

The equipment has a weight of 1.8 kg and a thickness of only 2.2 centimeters. This is almost half the average thickness of laptops. Constructed in aluminum and with a generous 15.6 “screen with Full HD resolution and a minimal frame.

Performance is a thing of the Intel Atom X5 Z8300 quad-core and the 4 GB of RAM installed. For video editing or powerful video games we have the Intel graphics chip GEN8 that we already saw in other Chuwi devices and is giving very good results. For storage we have 64 GB eMMC, expansion via microSD and USB ports (3.0 and 2.0).

One of the failures for the Spanish market is that the keyboard does not include the Ñ key. This will be inconvenient for many users but those who are accustomed to writing in English, for example programmers, will be no problem and have a powerful and great ally.

Download Manual and User Guide of LapBook 15,6:

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