Chuwi LapBook 14.1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Chuwi LapBook 14.1 Manual And User Guide PDF
Chuwi LapBook 14.1 Manual And User Guide PDF

Chuwi LapBook 14.1. A notebook of very tight dimensions, very light and with a powerful interior that is not afraid of anything.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Chuwi LapBook 14.1

The most important innovation of this LapBook is its Intel 7th generation processor. The Intel Apollo Lake has 64-bit architecture and four 2.2 GHz cores to “abuse” it. These generation increases performance by 30% compared to the previous generation. Leaning on its Intel HD graphics chip and the 4 GB of RAM installed, games and applications will run smoothly. Even with professional programs for video editing we will have a very good response.

The screen is another aspect of this powerful notebook. The IPS technology and its resolution Full HD of 1920 x 1080 pixels guarantees a quality visualization. The size is perfect for work or play, its 14.1 “and 16: 9 ratio make it perfect for enjoying multimedia content. We also have the option to connect it to a larger screen via micro HDMI connection.

A high performance, very very efficient that is, usually demand a battery of great capacity. The battery of the LapBook 14.1 assures us a sufficient autonomy to work the longer days or enjoy our favorite series. Squeeze your 9,000 mAh to the max!

The cameras are nothing special but fulfill their social function and video calls. We have USB 2.0 and 3.0 connection for high speed transfers. It also includes Bluetooth connectivity to use peripherals or connect smartphones.

The general fault of the Chuwi device is that it does not have a user manual. Most do not include them in the package and on the official website there is not even one published. According to the manufacturer, this device includes manual in physical state. If someone has it and sends it to us, we would publish it for the rest of the users.

Download Manual and User Guide of LapBook 14.1:

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