Chuwi Hi13 Manual And User Guide PDF

Chuwi Hi13 Manual And User Guide PDF
Chuwi Hi13 Manual And User Guide PDF

Chuwi Hi13. More powerful, bigger, with more options and multitude of improvements. If the Hi12 tablet already seemed a pretty good device, the Hi13 extends possibilities to reach more users.

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As expected by its name, the size of the screen goes up to 13.5 “. This is almost the normal size of a laptop thing that helps production a lot or workers who need to have more workspace. That the Hi12 has Retina images with a definition of 3000 x 2000 pixels. It gives the eyes a soft and detailed images.

The design is similar to the remains of Chuwi tablet and can be used in tablet or laptop mode. We can additionally buy the Hi13 keyboard to have a laptop when necessary. Its metal design includes dual USB port (2.0 and 3.0), micro HDMI connection and microSD slot.

The processor chosen this time is the Intel Apollo Lake quad-core and 64-bit architecture. The graphics processor is also the Intel home, the Intel HD graphics 500 to be exact.

It will give us good results in general but you will not be able to use next generation games that need a graphics chip with more power.

The RAM receives a remarkable high with 4 GB and the internal memory of 64 GB is good for when we see a tablet but scarce if we see a laptop.

It has two cameras located in the back and the front. The highest resolution is the first with 5 MP while the front only has 2 MP. It is not one of the strong points but they fulfill their functions to perfection.

It has USB Type C connection, comes with Windows 10 installed and its battery of 10,000 mAh will give us many hours of work or fun. A pity that the boys of Chuwi do not decide to publish the user manual in digital version. We’ll keep waiting.

Download “Chuwi Hi13 (Windows 10)” – Downloaded 2833 times – 2.21 MB

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