Chuwi Hi10 user manual

Chuwi Hi10 Manual And User Guide in PDF

 Chuwi Hi10. In the tablet market find one that works under Windows is not usually normal as Android dominates the sector.

But it is clear that you can make great portable devices compatible with our lifetime.

The first thing to note is that although its design does not attract attention if that fits today’s standards and have a smooth lines with minimalist details that make it attractive and functional.

Download Chuwi Hi10 OS user manual

It will not lead to innovative design but can always be one more in the “family”.

As I indicated at the beginning of the article, this tablet runs on the latest operating system from Microsoft.

Windows 10 puts at our disposal all the innovative features in a tablet 10.1″ offers us a more than enviable resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels that exceeded the usual HD that usually accompanies most tablets and smartphones on the market today.

The display features IPS technology and is free from blind spots that make us lose visibility from? Other angles.

Le processor Intel, in its model Z8300 quad-core 1.44 GHz offers a great performance and smoother when moving the system.

The RAM is 4 GB and 64 GB storage. We can duplicate this memory via microSD card. The battery is 8000 mAh which guarantees a great session for leisure or work, depends on the use you want to give.

The weakest point of the tablet are their cameras since both have a poor resolution 2MP practically allow us to take pictures of throwaway by the low quality it offers.

The point to note is that it has the ability to add a keyboard becoming a two in one lot to consider.

Download Chuwi Hi10 (Windows 10 OS)


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