Canon XL H1 User manual

Canon XL H1 | Manual and user guide in PDFCanon XL H1 . Recording high quality (HD) 1080i frame ratios (50i/25F) selectable, the versatile camcorder with 3 CCDs XL H1 1/3 inch 1.67 Megapixel, features a new 20x HD VIDEO lens, HD output -SDI, genlock input and input / output time code.


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The XL H1 HDV allows production and 1080i HD , SD and DV production offers professional versatility with a choice of output and frame rates ( 50i and 25f ) .

With a built-in high-quality HD -SDI output , genlock input and output / input timecode , the XL H1 can be integrated in a professional studio environment and used as part of a multi-camera recording simultaneously.

New production target for HD quality. Integration in the study

Specially developed for high-definition quality (HD ), the new 20x HD VIDEO lens , 38.9 to 778 mm ( equivalent in 35mm photography ) incorporating a fluorite element to correct chromatic aberrations and an optical image stabilizer variable angle prism (VAP OIS as abbreviations).

New Optical Multi-coating ( SR coating ) greatly reduces flare and ghosting . The XL H1 has inherited from its predecessor the revolutionary XL mount interchangeable lens, with preset function with new safety memory , able to recall the points of focus and zoom , even though you have removed the lens.

Canon XL H1 HD SDI Output

The Canon camera includes the typical standard studio connections highlighting the HD-SDI output, the Genlock intersynchronization input for using multiple cameras and the time code input / output. It also has an HD-SDI output to record full Full HD resolution for exporting uncompressed video.

The maximum resolution for HDV. The XL H1 with its 3 CCD 1 /3 inch 1.67 Megapixel addition to DIGIC DV II processor offers the highest resolution in the category HDV . Combined with the objective 20x HD VIDEO , the XL H1 video recordings provides great quality and very natural.

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