Canon IXUS 500 Manual And User Guide PDF

Canon IXUS 500 Manual And User Guide PDF

Canon IXUS 500 Manual And User Guide PDF

Canon IXUS 500. This camera goes beyond the limits with a 10x optical zoom and a compact and elegant metal body. Impress everyone with HS System image quality, Full HD videos and high-speed shots.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Canon IXUS 500

You can capture great photos or make recordings effortlessly with Smart Auto, which detects the scene and selects the perfect fit between 58 variables. It also works with faces registered with Face ID technology, seen in most current smartphones, and adapts shooting settings to the person’s age; For example, the flash and sounds are disabled when a sleeping baby is detected or continuous autofocus is activated when children over 2 years old are detected.

Do not miss anything! Capture high-speed action scenes with high-speed Burst mode or slow motion with Super Slow Motion Video mode. Night Scene without a tripod combines a sequence of high-speed shots in a file to capture nightly landscapes without a tripod.

With a tiny metal body and an impressive finish, the IXUS 500 incorporates a powerful 12x optical zoom that reaches up to 21x with ZoomPlus. Huge zoom offers a wide range of shooting options and allows you to zoom in on distant subjects when taking pictures or videos. And if this camera, something old fashioned seems quite affordable do not forget to take a look at the top model, the Ixus 500 HS.

A high-resolution, 460,000-pixel LCD display with excellent visibility allows you to frame and review simple images from any angle and effortlessly navigate the menus. The tempered glass outer layer provides excellent durability. The IXUS cameras will surprise the whole family for its simplicity and great features! Surrender to the IXUS range and see how far you can take in your multimedia projects.

Download Manual and User Guide of IXUS 500:

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