Canon IXUS 160 manual


Canon IXUS 160. Flexible, fun and small enough to take you anywhere you go, this elegant 20-megapixel IXUS with Smart Auto lets everyone capture beautiful photos and record incredible Canon-quality HD videos effortlessly.

Canon IXUS 160 Manual And User Guide PDF
Canon IXUS 160 Manual And User Guide PDF

HD videos at your fingertips. Record great videos is fun and simple. With the push of a button you can record great HD videos (720p) effortlessly.

Experience the creative versatility of shooting videos using the optical zoom without losing sharpness or quality.

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Exceptional detail for your best memories. Enjoy images of exceptional quality and great detail. Enjoy great flexibility to frame and crop your photos or create amazing poster-sized prints thanks to its 20.0 megapixels.

Add a personal touch. Put your signature on every shot thanks to a quick and simple control of the image settings such as brightness or color intensity.

Perfect pocket images. The sleek and ultra-thin IXUS 160 features a compact body that lets you carry it in a purse or pocket, so you can take photos and record videos of exceptional quality wherever you go.

Great portraits. Enjoy excellent pictures of friends easily thanks to Face Detection Technology.

It detects multiple faces in a single frame and guarantees a correct focus with optimum brightness. Face Detection also ensures that skin tones look natural even in inu lighting conditions

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