Canon EOS REBEL T3i Manual And User Guide PDF

Canon EOS REBEL T3i. There are many differences that make T3i better compared to T3. We will focus on the ones that make the difference between them.

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A very complete camera that sits in the middle of the Canon REBEL EOS table. It may not be suitable for amateurs in this field but I’m sure anyone can get it.

The first point to highlight of this camera that the REBEL T3 is that it allows us to record videos in Full HD at 1080p and 30 fps. The T3 only reached the 720p and this to this day is quite important according to our criterion. Some already record in 4K so we always look for at least Full HD.

The screen is also considerably better because it has a resolution four times higher. And it’s also bigger with a size of 3. “10% more so that we can better frame our captures.

And much better if we can change the angle at our whim we will get it thanks to the rotating screen.

The CMOS sensor is also higher resolution with 17.9 MP hence allowing you to record videos in better quality. It also improves the depth of color and has self-cleaning sensor that we do not find in the REBEL T3.

The few aspects in which it does not exceed its predecessor is in the delay when starting the camera that goes until the 1,500 ms. Its dimensions and weight is somewhat greater making the long days become somewhat heavy.

Its battery is of smaller capacity since it will only withstand about 400 shots while the T3 endured 700.

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