C++. A programming language designed in the mid-1980s by Bjarne Stroustrup.

C++ Manual And User Guide PDF
C++ Manual And User Guide PDF

The intent of its creation was to extend the successful C programming language mechanisms that allow manipulation of objects.

In that sense, from the point of view of object-oriented languages, the C++ is a hybrid language.

Later generic programming facilities, which added to the other two paradigms that were already admitted (structured programming and object-oriented programming) were added.

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For this they say that this language is a multi-paradigm programming language.

There is currently a standard, called ISO C, which have adhered most manufacturers more modern compilers. There are also some performers, such as ROOT.

A special feature of this language is the ability to redefine operators, and to create new types behave as basic types.

The name C++ was proposed by Rick Mascitti in 1983, when language was first used outside of a scientific laboratory. Before it had used the name “C with Classes”.

In this languaje, the term “C plus plus” means “increase in C” and refers to this language is an extension of C.

The programs makes with this language are written with the help of a text editor just as any text stream. Files containing programs in C or C plusplus in text form are known as source files, and the program text containing source program called. We always write source programs and keep on source files.

With this manual you can start programming your first object-oriented algorithms.

If you have good base C, progress will be much faster and you’ll soon be fully functional programming complex applications with object-oriented programming and powerful enough to apply in any field, whether web or desktop applications.

Enjoy the manual!

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