BQ Verne Plus Manual And User Guide PDF

BQ Verne Plus Manual And User Guide PDF
BQ Verne Plus Manual And User Guide PDF

bq Verne Plus. The operating system that most sensation is causing, now in your bq. With Android you can see your mail, browse the Internet, organize your contacts or manage your agenda.

Download the Manual and User Guide of bq Verne Plus

A best seller. The versatility of bq Verne Plus has made it the best-selling Spanish tablet on the market. Take photos with your 1.3 MP camera, record video and play it, connect to the Internet, listen to music or radio through your built-in speakers, enjoy a unique gaming experience, read ebooks or use it as a desktop PC. And enjoy your favorite videos and movies with high resolution thanks to the HDMI output, which allows you to connect the tablet to any TV or monitor.

Total connectivity. Get the most out of your Verne Plus thanks to its USB OTG input. Connect a keyboard, a hard drive to increase its capacity or a mouse to move freely on the tablet. So you can tune your new bq to your liking.

Learn playing. The ideal tablet for children to learn having fun. Its small size makes it very manageable for the little ones, who can use Android applications to learn languages, math or chemistry. Its full-color 7-inch widescreen display, the built-in 3G sensor that automatically rotates the display, adapting it to the movement of your hands and its integrated speakers make it an experience for the youngest.

Surf the Internet. Connect to the Internet, search for your favorite websites, update your profiles on social networks or talk with your friends through chat applications. All the possibilities of Internet in little more than 400 grams.

Download Manual and User Guide of Verne Plus:

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