bq Tesla Manual And User Guide PDF

bq Tesla Manual And User Guide PDF
bq Tesla Manual And User Guide PDF

bq Tesla. A simply spectacular tablet that will surprise you by its simplicity and its great specifications. Enjoy a world in Full HD and with HDMI output.

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Through its HDMI Full HD output you can connect Tesla bq to the screen of a computer or a TV to play movies, videos or personal recordings with an even more spectacular image quality. And through its OTG mini-USB output you can connect a keyboard, a hard disk or a mouse.

Perfect interaction. Enjoy a more complete user experience. Thanks to the 5 simultaneous detection points of its capacitive multi-touch screen, bq Tesla offers a fluid, fast and comfortable interaction. And, being multifunctional, you can take advantage of its enormous versatility: check email or social networks, chat, read, play video with high resolution or play online.

With Android 4.0 ICS. With a spectacular new interface and much more effective, Android 4.0 ICS is developed especially for tablets.

It is much more intuitive, with applications and folders more easily locateable and manageable, with browser with tabs and with innovations in the keyboard, the typography or the camera.

IPS Screen. Perfect view from any angle. 9.7 inches IPS capacitive multitouch display with five simultaneous detection points. Thanks to its IPS technology, the Tesla bq screen offers a complete view from all positions, vertical or horizontal, up to 178 degrees. And with 1024 x 768 pixels, it offers excellent resolution, sharpness and detail, respecting the intensity of colors, even the most vibrant.

Manual and User Guide of Tesla (NP)

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