Bq Pascal HD Manual And User Guide PDF

Bq Pascal HD Manual And User Guide PDF

Bq Pascal HD Manual And User Guide PDF

Bq Pascal HD. In a screen of 1024 x 600 px the images, videos and games are seen with greater clarity. And thanks to the five points that is able to detect the screen of the Pascal HD, the interaction is much simpler.

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Ultralight. Bq Pascal HD is the ideal tablet for those who make mobility their number one priority. With just 341 grams in weight and dimensions of 191 x 120.1 x 11.5 mm, it facilitates portability without giving up the multifunction

With Android 2.3. Welcome to the most complete mobile operating system in the world. With thousands of free applications that you can download in your bq Pascal HD, its version 2.3 Android Gingerbread improves the control of applications through the task manager. In addition, it navigates the menus in a more intuitive way and manages the downloads more easily.

Multiplies possibilities: USB OTG. Bq Pascal HD offers complete connectivity thanks to the USB OTG port. If you want to behave like a desktop computer, connect your tablet to a keyboard, mouse or a hard drive through the micro-USB port.

Thousands of applications. Hundreds of benefits. Browse anywhere and anytime, check your email or social networks, take photos and record videos with your camera, play HD videos, listen to your favorite music or read your e-books as an e-reader.

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