BQ Kepler 2 Manual And User Guide PDF

bq Kepler 2 Manual And User Guide PDF

bq Kepler 2 Manual And User Guide PDF

BQ Kepler 2. Spectacular design and even more functional. The new operating system 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (upgrade avalaible to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean) substantially improves the user experience because it is developed specifically for tablets.

Download the Manual and User Guide of BQ Kepler 2

Discover its new interface renewed, the new official typography easier to read in screens of greater resolution, its new virtual keyboard or the possibility to realize screenshots of native form.

A new way to navigate. The new Android 4.0 ICS tabbed browser (upgradeable to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean) offers even more convenient and intuitive web browsing. With a performance superior in more than 200% to previous versions, the new browser incorporates innovations as the desktop mode in web pages, reading offline or the resizing of texts and images. And thanks to Flash 11 support, enjoy streaming navigation and play video and music files online uninterrupted.

HDMI Full HD * and OTG output. Through its HDMI output Full HD, the Kepler 2 allows you to play movies, videos or personal recordings with a spectacular image quality on the screen of a computer or a television. And if you want to work with your tablet as if it were a PC, connect a keyboard, a hard disk or a mouse through the micro-USB OTG output.

Huge versatility. Enjoy your favorite apps, check email, play online or update your profiles on social networks. And when you’re tired of browsing, use it as an e-reader thanks to its compatibility with multiple formats (including epub and pdf with DRM), as a video player or as desktop PC thanks to its micro-USB OTG output.

1 GB of RAM. With 1GB of RAM, download your favorite applications without slowing down your Kepler 2 performance.

Download Manual and User Guide of Kepler 2: (unpublished)

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