BQ Kepler 2 Dual Core Manual And User Guide PDF

bq Kepler 2 Dual Core Manual And User Guide PDF
bq Kepler 2 Dual Core Manual And User Guide PDF

BQ Kepler 2 Dual Core. With its Cortex A9 1.5 GHz dual core processor, Kepler 2 Dual Core becomes a more powerful tablet. The navigation is more fluid, the download of applications faster and the management of the multitasking is optimized.

Download the Manual and User Guide of BQ Kepler 2 Dual Core

Full color life on 8 inch HD screen. The screen of the new Kepler 2 Dual Core is all color and movement. With 1024×768 pixels and 8 inches of HD display, it respects the tone and brightness of the colors and the images are perceived with great clarity and definition. And because it is a multi-capacitive screen with 5 simultaneous detection points, the interaction with the device is more complete.

Unlimited connection with Bluetooth. Sharing your music, photos or videos has never been easier. Without cables and without Internet connection, transfer your files to a mobile, computer or tablet simply by activating the Bluetooth of your Kepler 2 Dual Core.

Extends its versatility with HDMI Full HD Dual and micro-USB OTG. Your tablet and your TV have never been so good. Plays the contents of Kepler 2 Dual Core on your computer screen or TV through its HDMI output. And thanks to its Dual technology, you can see the image of the tablet at the same time on your device and TV. But if you need to work with your Kepler 2 Dual Core as a computer, simply connect a keyboard or a mouse through the micro-USB OTG output. In seconds, the transformation is complete.

Whatever you want, whenever you want. With only 498 grams of weight, make with your Kepler 2 Dual Core everything you want. Read ebooks and comics, play, download thousands of applications, play movies and videos, listen to your music, browse the internet or check the mail or your agenda anywhere and anytime.

Download Manual and User Guide of Kepler 2 Dual Core:

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