BQ Aquaris U2 Lite Manual And User Guide PDF

BQ Aquaris U2 Lite Manual And User Guide PDF

BQ Aquaris U2 Lite Manual And User Guide PDF

BQ Aquaris U2 Lite. Any smartphone worth its salt must have a mini version, Lite, C, Compact, etc … to connect with users who do not want to spend one euro more than necessary.

Download the Manual and User Guide of BQ Aquaris U2 Lite

In the case of Aquaris U2, the change goes almost unnoticed. The BQ guys have released a “reduced” version of their best midrange that looks so much like the original that it almost does not pay to buy it. The screen is exactly the same: a 5.2 “IPS panel with a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and Dinorex glass, it even maintains the curved 2.5D design and its elegance, this is one of the differences of the previous model’s Lite, the BQ Aquaris U Lite.

The processor becomes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 quad-core. This is one of the most notable differences with the camera, which we will deal with in a moment. The Lite version loses four cores although it maintains the speed of them. The graphics chip is also somewhat less powerful (Adreno 308) but it is better than the U Lite version. It was expected. Luckily, the RAM is kept at 2 GB so the system will move the sea of ​​fluid.

The device comes with Android Nougat and will ask us for the automatic update to Android Orea shortly after using it. The battery is exactly the same as in the Aquaris U2: a capacity of 3,100 mAh and fast charging. The days will always seem short and our BQ will always be available.

And to finish this great analysis [!], We focus on the other difference to take into account if you are thinking about acquiring it: the cameras. Well, it’s really the main one that changes. The front with 5 MP makes its function perfectly while the back, which is a Samsung S5K4H8, falls to 8 MP. Still we can record videos in 1080p at 30 fps and capture images in RAW format. It is still a good camera but we lose those beautiful 13 MP of the original devices.

In conclusion, we stay with the Aquaris U2 because the price reduction is not significant and in the end we have a smartphone with the same size and that offers us something less.

Download Manual and User Guide of Aquaris U2 Lite:

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