bq Aquaris M5

bq Aquaris M5 User guide PDF
bq Aquaris M5 User guide PDF

bq Aquaris M5. Discover premium software on the older brother of the M series already I published the Aquaris M4.5 to do and now it is not only the next half inches screen.

To begin, we must emphasize the resolution of 13 MP main camera. Not only it offers 5MP more than M4.5 models, but the secondary chamber includes 85° angle, and focal aperture of f / 2.0 for selfies with the maximum number of friends (or friends).

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FHD and video recording in slow motion 120 fps. I would like to stress that the camera application has been designed 100% by BQ.

Dragontrail screen with anti scratch technology, better sensitivity MaxTouch by Atmel.

We may use our smartphone with gloves because now detects up to 10 simultaneous points. 5 inches and a range of colors from almost 90% of NTSC.

In the Aquaris M5.5 sound is another story. The Dolby technology with Cirrus Logic chip create a sense of surround sound.

You get a Hi-Fi sound and that means enjoy clearer conversations. These also help a lot of the exclusion system built noise smartphone.

Unlike its predecessor, the M5 features an 8-core processor 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 with Cortex A53 architecture ARMv8, which in Castilian means an incredible multitasking efficiency and superior performance.

Autonomy also be affected by hardware that is extended by many more and forget the charger.

Download user guide officer and not wait any longer to enjoy this great device.

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