bq Aquaris M5.5

bq Aquaris bq Aquaris M5.5. We find the most powerful model to date November 24, 2015, the M series bq. A smartphone with a large screen that will appeal to anyone who opt for the innovative Spanish brand.

bq Aquaris M5.5 User guide PDF
bq Aquaris M5.5 User guide PDF

Although the M series has always enjoyed a good balance between power, efficiency and autonomy, Aquaris M5.5 is the best prize.

Download Manual and User Guide of bq Aquaris M5.5.

It is clear to carry a hardware level higher than the rest helps a lot, such as 3620 mAh battery that offers an extra long autonomy for the days you need to pull smartphone than normal.

M5.5 screen is 5.5 “so if you’re looking for a smartphone to get him anywhere … this is not the right model.

It is true that a few years ago over 3.5 “inch we saw it as a junk but today, spend 5” is standard and user increasingly adapted their eyes to a generous display. I still think that between 4 “and 5” is the perfect size.

The M5.5 bq has a camera of 13 MP f / 2.0 and OIS image stabilizer to obtain ever (at least if we have a decent pulse) a blurry photo.

The front camera is 5 MP and an angle greater than normal, 85º, which ensure the best catches for social media.

The 8-core processor up to 1.5 GHz and belongs to the family Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 ARMv8 architecture Cortex A53.

Background applications and next-generation games will be no problem and run smooth and fast as a dolphin slips into the sea.

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