bq Aquaris Elcano Manual And User Guide PDF

bq Aquaris Elcano Manual And User Guide PDF smartphone bq aquaris 5 bq store
bq Aquaris Elcano Manual And User Guide PDF

bq Aquaris Elcano. The first bq device that behaves like tablet and smartphone. It combines all the features of a mobile with all the advantages of a tablet without sacrificing size and screen resolution.

Download the Manual and User Guide of bq Aquaris Elcano

To use bq Elcano as smartphone just enter your SIM card. You can make and receive calls through its speaker and microphone strategically placed. You can send and receive messages and use free messaging applications. And besides, you can always have on hand your address book.

With GPS technology. Find a street and the road to get to it is as simple as entering your name in any of the supported browsers with Android and let it guide you. bq Elcano is compatible with Android applications free and paid navigation and includes a free one-month subscription to Route 66, the most popular GPS.

Specially designed for vehicle navigation. Thanks to its 7-inch bq Elcano you can place on the dashboard or the moon of any vehicle and use it as GPS. Its exterior design is also designed so it can be safely supported by a support without risk of falling even during movement of the car.

A full color at high resolution. The contrast and sharpness of an IPS screen is far superior to the rest of LCD screens. So the experience of reading e-books and online press is more comfortable without eyestrain, and navigation is even more agradable.La Elcano screen is also high resolution, 800 x 1280 px, so colors and the colors are even more vibrant and alive than in other screens with more realistic tones: photos and videos respect the original color without altering or damaging it.

Lightweight and manageable. Bq Elcano dimensions are ideal for those who need to move always accompanied by your device. Its lightness allows you to hold it comfortably with a single hand without being destabilized, what happens with larger tablets, and its rubber surface prevents slipping. So you can hold it with one hand and interact with the other.

Download Manual and User Guide of Aquaris Elcano: (Coming Soon)

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