bq Aquaris 5 Manual And User Guide PDF

bq Aquaris 5 | Manual and user guide PDFbq Aquaris 5. Ich, vibrant and intense colors. Here’s an IPS screen. With higher resolution, contrast and brightness than other LCD screens, ringtones do not show chromatic aberration: they are neither too pale nor artificially saturated. QHD resolution and 5 inches make the result is spectacular, with lifelike videos, photos you appreciate every detail and a more comfortable web viewing..

Detailed features of the bq Aquaris 5.

Long life to your smartphone. A Quad Core processor up to 1.2 GHz, a 5-inch IPS display and a graphics processor PowerVR SGX Serie5 up to 300 MHz need a battery hold your rhythm and let you enjoy many hours of your smartphone; battery like 5 bq Aquaris 2200 mAh. Fun for longer hours on Facebook ™ and Twitter ™, with your groups Whatsapp ™, with endless calls and infinite “you hang up” without having to constantly charge your phone.

Quad Core Cortex A7 processor up to 1.2 GHz More power, less consumption. The Cortex A7 Quad Core processor up to 1.2 GHz is the perfect combination of power and smart energy consumption. Its low power architecture helps save battery. Its four cores make its interface is incredibly fast and optimize the management of multitasking. The video playback is very smooth and even heavier applications run swiftly. But when you use the Aquaris 5 for light tasks, the processor cores used only at you really need, avoid energy waste.

Total freedom in your smartphone. The Aquaris 5 is a free device, so it is compatible with SIM cards from any operator. No minimum tariffs, contracts and stays, you can choose the company that best suits you. And when you get tired, switch operator without having to unlock your phone. This is freedom.

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