bq Aquaris 3.5 Manual And User Guide PDF

bq Aquaris 3.5 | Manual and user guide PDFbq Aquaris 5. The smartphone for young and old. bq Aquaris 3.5 is ideal for those who want to enter the smartphone world but without making a huge economic cost. It combines the benefits of a great phone: Android 4.2, Dual Core processor, dual SIM … What you need at the best price.

Detailed features of the bq Aquaris 5.

Dual Core Cortex A7. Small but powerful. The size is not incompatible with the power. Unlike most smartphones of 3.5 inch, 3.5 processor is not monocore Aquaris is Dual Core Cortex. Its two cores affect every aspect of interaction with your smartphone, making it a more efficient device. Applications run smoothly even heavier. The online navigation is quick and media playback, fast. Even downloading applications or documents is faster. And thanks to the low power architecture of the CPU, energy expenditure is minimal.

Made for fun. Talk for hours, tweet, upload your latest photos to Facebook, send messages and whatsapps, listen to your favorite music, using your smartphone as a GPS … Enjoy all that gives you your Aquaris 3.5 and do it from any position, because the 178-degree viewing angle IPS screen can display your content from all perspectives.

Everything you need in the palm of your hand. With 3.5 inches and just 110 grams, the Aquaris 3.5 is a compact and lightweight device. But above all, very functional. Its size and 3:2 aspect ratio control access to any point on the screen with the same hand that the subject device. Their rounded corners make it comfortable to grip and slip back prevents the device from slipping from your hands.

Share it all for Bluetooth. Share your latest photos, your music and best videos no cables, no internet and no waiting. Simply turn on Bluetooth 3.5 and vincúlalo Aquaris to another mobile, tablet or laptop. Now you can transfer all the files on your smartphone in seconds.

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