Bluboo X4 Manual And User Guide PDF

Bluboo X4 Manual And User Guide PDF

Bluboo X4 Manual And User Guide PDF

Bluboo X4. Although it takes time in the market, the X4 is still a smartphone that offers a decent Android experience. It has an average processor and we can use our 4G rate to fly on the net.

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The size is one of the attractions of the X4 with a screen of only 4.5 “.It is true that its thickness is 9.6 millimeters but this gives it solidity without being a problem in portability. Obviously, the resolution is not indicated To enjoy movies and series (480 x 854 pixels) but is not intended for that purpose.

Main 5 MP camera and 2 MP front. Inside, we expect a quad-core processor with 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of storage. The RAM is not bad but the storage will be short from the start. The battery goes up the general average with 2,300 mAh but is still a low-end smartphone to start getting familiar with them.

Of course if you are looking for something with more performance or better performance then we have to aim at a higher range device. The X4 offers us a humble mobile experience for users looking for an alternate device or do not want to spend a lot of money.

The same manufacturer has smartphone more focused on the game or “Full HD” life. If you are looking for power to enjoy the best games the Bluboo Maya Max can be what you are looking for. You will also get good results with the Bluboo Edge that also has an elegant and very careful design.

Download Manual and User Guide of X4: (coming soon)

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