Blackberry Z3 manual and user guide

Blackberry Z3 Manual And User Guide PDF

Blackberry Z3. BlackBerry still betting on your operating system and must say that it is becoming more functional and better adapted to the times.

Much to discover for a very attractive price.

It is difficult for a user, today, is changed mobile operating system.

And it is that once you get used to the functions, namely where everything is, to solve problems that you’ve had, etc … start from scratch too lazy!

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You probably know that we are hardcore Android fans but also appreciate how good other OS.

Leaving aside the operating system, we must comment that the Z3 has a touch screen 5 “, a camera of 5 MP and 8 GB of internal storage. It is true that are not numbers that leave graphic but except for the camera it’s pretty good.

Like all BB, it is intended for BBM messaging application. It really is a very useful and powerful application but today everyone uses Whatsapp and will be difficult to change that.

The processor is a Qualcomm MSM8230 Dual Core 1.2GHz which guarantees maximum fluidity for BlackBerry OS version 10

The physical keyboard disappears in this version in order to win quality navigation and multimedia playback.

And finally, we will discuss one of the best aspects of BB: power. And do not talk or image processor but the ability of our data synchronization with different devices.

The downside is that these devices must run under Blackberry 10 or higher. Otherwise … we are alone!

From the first to the last page, the instruction manual teaches us to select the device settings to suit our taste

A device with a lot to offer to those looking for a phone with a good grade and better price. Add that the video quality you use can be compared to any Blackberry or other brand smartphone.

If you are looking for the manual of another Blackberry phones you can see more from our home page or in the related ones that have a physical keyboard and a tighter screen.

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