Blackberry PRIV Manual And User Guide PDF

Blackberry PRIV Manual And User Guide PDF

Blackberry PRIV Manual And User Guide PDF

Blackberry PRIV. Many users have dreamed of a device to gather together the best qualities of Blackberry compatibility Google Operating System. The device is already on the market and offers the best of Blackberry under the best mobile operating system: Android.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Blackberry PRIV

And I say the best based on my personal taste and market statistics. Currently in Spain almost 90% of smartphones in use belong to Android. In the United States and China down a little bit but clearly they predominate. Japan and Australia are the only countries where Android and iOS equals compete, more or less, for the same market share.

Seeing these statistics and Blackberry devices has always designed with character and personality, it is clear that many users, unconditional to the brand, began to think, “What if they were to launch on Android Blackberry?”. “Would solve the small problems of compatibility of current Blackberry?”. And the Canadian house heard these requests and manufactured PRIV. Android smartphone under physical keyboard so that you have the best of both worlds.

If we focus on numbers and specifications, we realize that we are facing a great device. 5.4 inch screen and a resolution of 2560 x 1440. Qualcomm 8992 Snapdragon processor 808 eight-core and 64-bit architecture. Memories remain in 3GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. MicroSD slot up to 2 TB. 3,410 mAh battery and camera with 18 MP sensor, autofocus and ability to record video in 4K quality.

It really is a high-end device that runs on a hybrid version of Android and Black OS. This device sales were lower than expected and the company will cut the price to raise some numbers. Still, we believe it is a great device but you had sold more than a pure Android.

Download Manual and User Guide of PRIV: (unplublished)

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