BlackBerry PlayBook tablet Manual And User Guide PDF

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet | Guide and user manual in PDF English

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet . Web unparalleled experience , real multitasking and new ways to connect your tablet and smartphone using BlackBerry Bridge time .

If you edit a document or browsing a web page on your BlackBerry smartphone and you want to see in a larger screen , the BlackBerry Bridge lets you change screens opening this app on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Your smartphone can also function as a keyboard and mouse to your tablet.

Receive free technical support for 90 days to buy a PlayBook and speak with a BlackBerry expert if you need help. Or view online resources such as demos procedures, manuals, and articles of the knowledge base .

Access all the ways you communicate in one place. Now there my calendar, contacts and messages incorporated into the PlayBook . And new features give you more information about your contacts and people and businesses in your calendar. Enjoy games, music, apps and more. Whether you’re on a long car ride or waiting in a small tail , you will never miss the fun .

Make your day more productive with access to your business applications and productivity tools. Edit files directly from your tablet with Documents To Go ® . Thanks to the powerful QNX technology, the PlayBook is ready to work without notice. View and edit files and attachments from Microsoft ® Word , Excel ® and PowerPoint ® Documents To Go ® with a powerful mobile office suite.

– Built messages allow you to manage and enjoy their messages of social networks and e -mail with a unified inbox . And create, edit and format of messages is very intuitive with new features such as online editing and the ability to use bold, underline and italics.

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