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ASUS VivoWatch Manual And User Guide PDF

ASUS VivoWatch. ZenWatch is designed to complement the user’s mobile experience and includes functions to control our health, but VivoWatch is fully devised.

Designed in a minimalist way but with a wide screen to see the information, the VivoWatch is like an evolution of the smartband for athletes.

It controls all aspects of our day to day to enjoy better health and maximum happiness.

Download the Manual and User Guide of ASUS VivoWatch 

Basically, the improvements over a smartband like the Huawei TalkBand B1 is a large screen to be able to view data and notifications.

We have a low consumption screen and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 technology for the maximum protection that informs us in detail of the current activity, our pulse or as we have slept.

A novelty of VivoWatch is its happiness index. This evaluates our physical activity and the quality of our dream to indicate, on a scale from 1 to 100, how healthy our lifestyle is.

When this score is very low, it motivates the user to try to overcome it.

Although it does not have the same functions as a smartWatch, it does allow us to share achievements and activities in social networks, activate alerts for calls and notifications, or synchronize our activity with other applications such as Google Fit or Apple HealthKit.

For those who care about the health of their heart, the Asus device has its technology VivoPulse that accurately and continuously follow our heart. You do not need to use a tape or other accessory.

With heart rate and other user data (age, weight, gender, etc.) they cross to offer the user a suggestion as to what activities should be done and at what pace.

A very complete device with advanced functions for a smartBand and that stays at the doors of a smartWatch.

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