Apple Watch

 Apple Watch Manual And User Guide in PDF

 Apple Watch. social, email networks, Siri, GPS, … Enjoy the freedom to take your iPhone on your wrist.

A wonder that only Apple has managed to bring us a SmartWatch reimagine that has nothing to do with the usual wearables.

Download Apple Watch manual in PDF

It is clear that the Samsung Gear S2 and the Motorola Moto 360 are technological wonders that do not have much to envy the wearable Apple (in fact I am unconditional Android) but recognize that when the mark of Cupertino gets … can only see the light wonders.

Since notifications WhatsApp to have on hand our money with Wallet, through Siri or email … This wrist device unifies all we need to avoid having to take your iPhone out of his pocket.

We can follow a map or answer a phone call with a simple gesture and comfortably. The usual but faster and easier.

We can also record all daily physical exercise in detail with three rings us three data samples activity: Moving, standing and exercise.

You can move songs using voice commands and see the weather will be anywhere in the world with just a quick glance at our hand.

And with the new update watchOS 2.0 operating system we will have many more areas and functions to customize it at will.

Apple has refined the system so that all details awesome results. We can choose more and better forms of communication, different areas to set the startup screen and endless options for our smartwatch unique.

The new version of the operating system includes features such as Time Travel. As the name suggests will allow us to “travel through time” can see we did yesterday with a simple turn of the Digital Crown (the lateral ruidecita), which is happening now or store for us tomorrow.

A quick summary of everything that happens in time, at a glance.

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