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Airis TM6SI Manual And User Guide PDF

Airis TM6SI. Another low-end smartphone that swells the almost endless list of devices in the market. But keep some ace up your sleeve to reach a certain audience.

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The TM6SI will pass without much noise through the market, at least for the tastes we have in Manuals and Tutorials. To its favor it has enough aspects to be the entrance to a person who wants to start in the Android world tired of the inconsistencies and exclusivity of Apple. Let’s see what we can develop with this Airis smartphone that nothing has to offer advanced users.

The first good news is its high resolution 6 “screen with IPS panel for greater accuracy and that will allow us to surf the web in a very comfortable way.

To this we must add the multimedia experience that will improve significantly if we get a Bluetooth speaker The design is not innovative but it is careful enough to contain all the hardware in less than 8 millimeters Positive point.

Under this design we find a medium performance pulling low. Its biggest achievement is the Intel Atom X3 quad-core processor that will defend itself well in light tasks but will sweat the big drop when we put it in the cane. It also does not help its bare company of 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage. That as you know, it remains a ridiculous percentage to subtract the OS (Android Lollipop 5.1) and pre-installed applications.

We will not use the 2 MP front camera to do more things than selfies in low resolution and, surprisingly, the main camera has a resolution of 8 MP. At least we can take pictures in high resolution and decent videos.

Its Dual Sim capability and the microSD slot help undecided users to decide on it, but we recommend looking at other options such as the Bluboo Maya or the Lenovo Vibe B. Both have the same price and have better features.

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