Airis TM50QS Manual And User Guide PDF

Airis TM50QS Manual And User Guide PDF

Airis TM50QS Manual And User Guide PDF

Airis TM50QS. If you know the TM50Q we posted a few hours ago, this device is practically the same. The difference is that it is more economical and loses performance.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Airis TM50QS

Perhaps it is not the best strategy to fill the mobile market practically the same. It is one of the things that Apple does best, it only has a smartphone and they are improving in each version. It is true that the last iPhone does not change much to the previous one and it goes up quite a bit. That is not the idea either. Carrying a 800-euro smartphone in my pocket would not let me live for a single second.

In the case of Airis, it has many devices but many are similar or with very few benefits. We think it’s better to focus on launching higher quality device instead of more.

The TM50QS is a low-end device that has lost half the internal memory of the original. We went from 8 to 4 GB with the next version of Android OS. The free memory is quite scarce after discounting Lollipop. The RAM has suffered the same punishment remaining at 512 MB. These are figures that no user who understands the subject arises. A smartphone with these numbers will give us quite a bit of headaches.

The processor is quad-core and also at 1.3 GHz so we have the same power. The screen also does not change with a size of 5 “and a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels.

4G connectivity is one of the highlights so we can take advantage of the speed of our data rate to the maximum.

In short, a smartphone with little to offer but that could fit in user patients looking for something simple and cheap.

Download Manual and User Guideof TM50QS: (Coming soon)

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