Airis TM50Q Manual And User Guide PDF

Airis TM50Q Manual And User Guide PDF

Airis TM50Q Manual And User Guide PDF

Airis TM50Q. The Airis are smartphone of decent quality for a very affordable price but the market has so many devices that do not finish to make a hole.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Airis TM50Q

Perhaps the Spanish brand should aim for something higher to attract users. They do not end up being “bad” smartphone, but if it is true they do not offer anything you do not have in smartphone of similar price and something better.

In the case of the TM50Q, we are in front of a device with a generous 5 “screen that starts to be the minimum for a smartphone. We have always been strong defenders of 4.5” or 4.7 “but also true that Size limits specifications and small smartphones often offer less.

The quad-core processor allows us to perform tasks in the background without compromising fluidity. It is accompanied by 1 GG of RAM that sometimes we will get something short. And as storage we have 8 GB plus expansion up to 32 GB via microSD. An interior virtually identical to the Acer Liquid Z6E. They are very similar smartphones although this one counts on worse resolution but better camera.

The main camera is 8 MP with LED flash so we can record videos in high resolution. The front will not come out of the selfies with its 2 MP resolution.

It has Dual Sim capability to be able to use two phones simultaneously. This feature does not look much on cheap phones so it’s a good point in your favor.

Finally, we have a battery that normally will not give problems but that in the long days will make us miss the charger. Its capacity of 1,700 mAh is somewhat short and it will not be too bad to get a portable battery.

Download Manual and User Guide of TM50Q: (Coming soon)

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