Acer Liquid Z410

Acer Liquid Z410 Manual And User Guide PDF
Acer Liquid Z410 Manual And User Guide PDF

Acer Liquid Z410. A smartphone that has seen the light of day just to surprise all Android users.

Be surprised to learn the great features that is included Acer Liquid Z410. Not only that, but their technology and capacity will help to any use you want to give.

Enjoy the superb clarity of its 4.5-inch screen and a maximum detail from all angles. Power is another of its key factors as the 4-core processor and 64-bit architecture offers a powerful and versatile high-end.

Download Manual and User Guide of Acer Liquid Z410

Graphics processor lets you play your favorite games with consummate ease.

The Z410 is compatible with the 4G network so you can surf at speeds up to 150 Mbs. You will stop surfing the internet to fly it. Download mail, visit web 2.0 pages or upload pictures on your favorite social networks.

All in an instant thanks to its high speed. It also has a main camera that lets you get photos like never before have taken.

And Acer native functions with predefined tasks help us to make us the most simple and fast. With the wide-angle selfies do large and magnificent views.

We also have the option Quick Touch that allows us to give orders to our smartphone even with the screen off. Or fast option to change the interface between the three available mode.

And if you want to listen to music or watch movies, the performance of the powerful speakers of Acer Liquid Z410 and sound system DTS Studio Sound will give away amazing music sessions, realistic sound in your visualizations.

Of course, this includes gestures on the screen to control playback in an easy and intuitive way.

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