Acer Liquid M330 Manual And User Guide PDF

Acer Liquid M330 Manual And User Guide PDF

Acer Liquid M330 Manual And User Guide PDF

Acer Liquid M330. If you want a simple and intuitive smartphone and connects to your Windows computer to 100%, the M330 Liquid is what you were looking for. Mobile technology controlled by the best-selling worldwide operating system.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Acer Liquid M330

Windows 10 is proving a success according to figures that Microsoft gives to the media. And it is true that after the unwise version of the small screens, 8, Windows 10 returns to the origins and brings many new features. Among these is included communication with our smartphones.

The operating system Bill Gates Liquid M330 provides a powerful experience that will be familiar from the first moment. New features such as the assistant Cortana make everything easier even for the experienced user.

Leaving aside the operating system, see the hardware hidden in this mid-range smartphone. For starters have 4G connectivity to enjoy speed up to 10 times faster than 3G. The cameras are something basic to opt for them. Both the principal and the front have a resolution of 5 MP. Valid for the front but very close to the back. Qualcomm MSM8909 processor quad-core and 1GB of RAM.

The screen is 4.5 “which makes it a very handy and convenient device to carry anywhere. A low resolution (854 x 480) will not allow us to enjoy 100% of movies and series. And to store this content, music and various applications only have 8 GB of internal storage.

It really is not a bad device but remains in the bottom of the classification of the average range. A slightly larger camera better score had given him. There are better teams but maybe the fact influences include Windows 10 user that takes a lifetime using it.

Download Manual and User Guide of Liquid M330: (unplublished)

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