LG F70

LG F70 Manual And User Guide PDF
LG F70 Manual And User Guide PDF

LG F70. The next device to F60 in the line of succession in this range of LG gives us a technological range almost like his little brother. The only significant difference is the battery.

That’s right, this F60 could well be known as the F60 model.

Both devices share a quad-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm brand. RAM 1 GB and 4 GB of storage left graphics performance to the same level as the previous model.

And since we also share the version of Android 4.0, the actual low internal storage space almost 1 GB.

Download Manual and User Guide of LG F70

The main camera is a 5MP clone autofcus and rear use only in case of emergency and when we have maximum reluctance to recognize the protagonist of the catch. Hangouts we do not be the most viewed on Youtube.

4.5-inch WVGA screen. Do you sound? Normal, it is identical to the screen F60, both size and technology.

As I said at the beginning of this analysis, the only difference I can see is the battery that goes from 2,100 mAh to 2,440 mAh with what we gain some autonomy. There are some differences more I could comment but are not relevant.

Currently, the device is on sale at Amazon for about $130, according to the seller but a little more, we can buy a bq Aquaris E4 I personally think is a better choice.

To taste the colors, right? But if you have decided on this LG smartphone, here is the User Manual PDF.

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