Lenovo Yoga 10 | Guide and user manual in PDF

Lenovo Yoga 10 | Guide and user manual in PDFLenovo Yoga 10. Lenovo Yoga 10 has come the best. Yoga tablet 10 breaks the typical design of the tablets to become a more versatile and convenient device to use than any previous, all with maximum battery life.

Detailed features of the camera Lenovo Yoga 10.

Spectacular images with wide viewing angle. The screen tablet 10.1-inch HD (1280 x 800) 10 Tablet Yoga offers spectacular high-definition images, you and your friends can enjoy thanks to a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees achieved with technology exchanging plane (IPS) display.

Audio sensational. Unlike the majority of tablets, Yoga Tablet speakers 10 are directed forward (toward you) instead of being on the side or on the bottom. If you combine this with improved Dolby Digital Plus, you get a perfect experience and impressive surround sound for watching videos or listening to music.

Support Micro-SD storage card. Extend the 16 GB eMMC storage Tablet Yoga 10 with a storage of micro-SD card up to 64 GB, perfect for transferring photos or storing large files such as movies.

Front and rear cameras. The rear camera front 5.0 M and 1.6 M allow you to take high definition photos chats and enjoy crisp, clear video.

Innovative design multimode. The design of next-generation tablet incorporates Yoga 10 HD + cylinder drum and a rear support on the side of the device, which changes the center of gravity and allow the expansion of several modes: book, wedge and stand. In book mode, the weight of the device falls into the palm rather than the fingers, making it more comfortable to read and navigate. Place the wedge stretching mode and thus, you can have a perfect viewing angle for writing and playing. Turn the rear bracket and place upright in stand mode for watching videos, listening to music or make video chats comfortably.

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