Lenovo A7-30

Lenovo A7-30 | Guide and user manual in PDFLenovo A7-30. Lenovo A7-30 The system is equipped with the features you really need in an Android ™ tablet. With dual front speakers, Dolby audio enhancement and excellent 7 “screen, the A7-30 model offers a spectacular experience and affordable entertainment, plus laptop.

Detailed features of the camera Lenovo A7-30.

Comfort pocket. With a thickness of 10 mm and a weight of only 327 g, the A7-30 model presents an ideal place to read, listen to music and browse the web size. Furthermore, it can be stored easily in a pocket when not in use.

GPS and satellite phone functionality. Never get lost with GPS satellite operating offline. You can also make voice calls to 2G wireless support via the SIM card slot.

High Definition Display 7 “. HD screen 7″ allows you to enjoy an excellent view of the brightness of the colors both indoors and outdoors.

Quad Core Processing. Quad Core processing enables enhanced multitasking environment, offers a faster Android experience and prevents interruptions when playing or viewing HD videos.

Dolby Digital Plus. The technology of Dolby audio enhancement provides high distortion and more natural sound, whether listening through headphones and built-in speakers.

Stereo speakers enhanced. Enjoy an enhanced audio experience for all multimedia applications such as video playback, video and music. Dual stereo speakers are separated A7-30 system to provide superior stereo effects and are oriented toward the front of the tablet to enhance the user experience.

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