Huawei Ascend Y600

Huawei Ascend Y600 User guide PDF
Huawei Ascend Y600 User guide PDF

Huawei Ascend Y600. Ascend range and never ceases to amaze.

They are capable of mid-range smartphones at an affordable price and make smartphone medium-high range at an even more affordable price.

It is true that the introduction is not faithful to reality but in part if there is some truth.

Download Manual and User Guide of Huawei Ascend Y600

I mean, exactly, this Ascend Y600, Y550 Ascend the post model, it comes with a larger screen, 5.2 “but it is 30% less.

Something that in principle but not squared me to read the rest of specifications perfectametne understood.

What do you mean? Well, if you look only at the design of the device and how big your screen is, at first glance, we could be facing a much more powerful model but the truth is quite reduced their characteristics.

To start the RAM that happens to be 521 MB with what you can imagine and many times our mobile will stay hung for mercy.

The internal memory is kept in 4 GB and the operating system Android 4.2 JellyBean, so the storage problem persists.

With the camera we were like 5 MP camera for the main and back down to the 0.3 MP.

A photo with that camera will look at a current HD screen as if you were a sprite of a game preserves 90s microSD slot and battery up to 2100 mAh.

The quad-core processor MSM8212 1.2GHz will give us the expected flow almost always but soon we will realize that they weigh too much.

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