HTC UA Scale Manual And User Guide PDF

HTC UA Scale Manual And User Guide PDF
HTC UA Scale Manual And User Guide PDF

HTC UA Scale. The UA Scale is clearly the best ally to keep your body in check.

With the design and quality of HTC and the sports experience of one of the leading brands in fitness: Under Armour.

Download Manual and User Guide of HTC UA Scale

This intelligent scale puts at our disposal multitude of functions to control our health and activity.

The most basic thing that every user looks for is the measurement of weight and body fat.

Under Armor recently acquired the company that developed the application MyFitnessPal, it is intregra with the platform UA Record to include nutrition information in full form to the health history.

The connectivity of the scale is composed of Bluetooth and WiFi so all our data will be automatically synchronized in our smartphones or tablets.

The Bluetooth connection detects the user by proximity allowing up to a maximum of 8 users and the WiFi connection connects with our application to update the new data to the history.

The design is quite colorful and its LED display only works when we climb on top of the scale saving battery.

The price is somewhat higher than the average of these devices but we have to keep in mind that behind them there are two companies of undoubted quality: HTC that expert in electronics and entertainment and Under Armor which is one of the best sports brands worldwide.

This device is part of the comprehensive UA HealthBox health and physical activity platform that is made up of the UA Band bracelet that we talked to you a few days ago and the UA Heart Race, to monitor our heart rate. Buying the device is the pack saved us a few euros which always come in handy.

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