HTC Explorer A310E Manual and user guide in PDF

HTC Explorer A310E Manual and user guide in PDF

HTC Explorer A310E Manual and user guide in PDF

HTC Explorer A310E. Here is the last request I received from the web. An android smartphone that already has a few years old but many continue sacándole match their size and lightness.

Download HTC Explorer Manual on PDF

A smartphone of the first generation, when android began to emerge as the favorite by a large majority of users for its simplicity and universality operating system.

The HTC Explorer has a 600 MHz processor and 512 MB of RAM will not allow to perform the most basic functions of a smartphone: calling, instant messaging, see the mail, monitor our sports, etc … But if you want a smartphone to height running time: is not right!

By having a screen of only 3.2 “will force us to eyestrain if we surf the net but also helps us to transport without any problem. Moreover, as only it weighs just over one hundred grams, or we realize we took over.

The camera is 3.2 MP so you better use another to capture unforgettable memories. Although for everyday fotillos it comes perfect.

In short, a smartphone that today will be the choice of 1 in 1,000 users but never amiss to have reserves or to make a gift at a great price for a person not engaged all day mobile.

Both for those who think that this phone has earned extinction and those who still are useful … Here’s the manual in PDF!

Download “HTC Explorer A310E” Downloaded 967 times – 2 MB

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