Google Maps manual in PDF

google maps user manual pdf

Then we are going to provide a simple user manual Google Maps with which you can learn how to use some of the most common functionality such as indicate the location of a place, the distance to it, or the best path between we us mark two points on the map.

Download Google Maps user guide in pdf

Note that this tool is one of the most widely being used in recent years as they are even in many cases replacing the GPS.

And the precision and reliability that Google offers this system is unmatched today in the world of technology

Includes placemarks on the map and learn how to upload photos on these brands and even videos to share with the rest of the world. Google Maps provides the ability to zoom in and out to show the map.

The user can control the map with the mouse or the arrow keys to move to the desired location.

To allow faster movement, the “+” and “-” can be used to control the zoom level. Users can enter an address, intersection or general area to search the map

Now you can go anywhere in the world without any problems as this application will guide you there.

If you want us to pass the guide to PDF, tell us  with comments 😉

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