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Fluke Ti480 user manual

Fluke Ti480 thermal infrared camera 60hz 640 x 480. The Ti480 is a reliable and easy-to-use thermal camera that offers a range of benefits for professionals in various fields.

This powerful camera has a wide temperature range and high performance, allowing users to quickly and accurately perform temperature readings across various applications.

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The Ti480 features a high-resolution display screen that provides clear and detailed images, making it easier to identify thermal anomalies and diagnose potential issues.

The camera is also equipped with Fluke’s exclusive IR-Fusion Technology, which blends visible light and infrared images to provide users with a comprehensive view of their inspection targets.

One of the most significant benefits of the Fluke Ti480 is its exceptional versatility. This infrared camera is suitable for use in various applications, including electrical, mechanical, and building inspections.

The camera’s temperature range of -40°C to 800°C also makes it suitable for applications across a range of industries.

With the Fluke Ti480, professionals can efficiently perform preventative maintenance inspections, detect electrical faults, locate insulation problems, and much more.

The camera’s auto focus feature and laser pointer give users enhanced precision when targeting specific inspection areas and temperature ranges.

The Fluke Ti480 thermal imager also comes with a range of integrated features that make it an essential tools for professionals in various industries.

The thermal imager camera comes equipped with a 4GB SD memory card, USB cable, and SmartView software that allows users to store and manage their images easily.

Another essential feature of the Ti480 is its excellent image quality and advanced analysis capabilities.

The camera has a high thermal sensitivity and a high-resolution sensor that captures detailed and precise images needed for accurate temperature readings.

With multiple color palettes, is it much easier to detect problematic areas, especially in low contrast situations.

The Fluke Ti480 thermal imaging camera 60hz is also an excellent tools for safety professionals conducting building inspections and energy audits.

The thermal imager camera’s ability to detect thermal anomalies in building envelopes can help in identifying sources of energy waste and heat loss.

With the Fluke Ti480, professionals can thoroughly inspect buildings and carry out energy audits with the needed precision and efficiency.

Its high-performance, exceptional versatility, and advanced features make it an incredibly reliable and efficient thermal imager.

Highlights of the Fluke 480ti:

  • Infrared and thermal imaging.
  • Battery charger.
  • Smart ion battery.
  • Multiple rectangle markers.
  • Standard infrared lens.
  • Professional infrared camera.
  • Rugged lithium ion.
  • Pressure gauges.
  • Interchangeable smart lenses.
  • Sharper on-screen images.
  • Intuitive visual interface.
  • Enhanced visual interface.
  • Multiple images and laser distance meter.
  • More intuitive palettes with multisharp™ focusing.
  • Captures and combines 4x the data to create a 1280 x 960 image.
  • IR Sensor.
  • Wifi network for connect your camera.

With Fluke’s exceptional quality and advanced technology, the fluke camera is an asset that can help industries reduce operational costs, avoid expensive equipment breakdowns, and ensure human safety.

Experience professional-grade thermography with this Fluke camera Pro infrared camera. Capture precise thermal imaging in a rugged, portable device and micro sd.

Upgrade your thermography equipment with the infrared camera. Enjoy exceptional superresolution mode imaging performance in any environment.

Get the infrared camera and enjoy thermal captured with a rugged, hard carrying case.

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All of our captures can be automatically uploaded to Fluke Connect. Uploading to fluke connect allows us to stay in touch with our team to analyze data and images.

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