Bluboo Xfire 2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Bluboo Xfire 2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Bluboo Xfire 2 Manual And User Guide PDF

Bluboo Xfire 2. Available in four beautiful colors and with the possibility to choose between eight different themes to personalize our smartphone.

Download the Manual and User Guide of Bluboo Xfire 2

We already saw the first device Xfire long ago and although it was not a smartphone that broke molds if that attracted to its public. The Xfire 2 improves some essential aspects and another keeps them at the same level to offer us an improved experience in the world of intelligent telephony.

To begin with, it includes the fingerprint sensor that is becoming rarer and rarer than it is available. This is located at the back to leave the front clearer. We can record up to five different fingerprints just like the Ulephone Power 2 or the Moto G5 Plus.

Among the features that remain unchanged are the cameras: 8 MP main and 5 MP front. The latter has an angle of 88 ° and “Beauty” mode so that the selfies come out perfect.

The size of the screen also does not change, 5 “, but it has better resolution, 720p. The design includes 2.5D curved glass and a somewhat smaller (170 °) angle of capture. HD images, which is the order of the day.

With the performance we also did not have any surprise as we expected some improvement. The processor remains quad-core with 64-bit architecture, 1GB of RAM and 8 internal storage. Good performance without excessive battery consumption. It is possible that the games of fashion give us some pull.

The battery drops worryingly and we lose the connectivity to 4G networks. We really do not know what was going through the heads of the Bluboo guys when they decided to cut specs this way.
It is the first time we see that a device is being published in a series with lower general specifications than its predecessor. The good thing about this is that the price is also reduced.

Download Manual and User Guide of Xfire 2: (Coming soon)

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