Blogger | Manual and User guide in PDF

Blogger | Manual and User guide in PDFBlogger. It is a service created by Pyra Labs, and acquired by Google in 2003, which lets you create and publish a blog online. To publish content, you do not have to write any code or installing server software or scripting.

Blogger is one of the websites to manage blog for many reasons. The first is that it was one of the first out. Now you can find a lot sites that are dedicated to do the same. Among its main attractions can be found:

  • It is easy to administer.
  • A blog can have multiple authors.
  • A person can have multiple blogs.
  • You can control who access the Blog.
  • The 1st entry (news) you see on the blog is the latest published.
  • People who read entries can make comments on the blog and you can get feedback on your Gmail account. Students can ask the teacher questions and communicate with him from home.
  • The teacher may put on the blog all information in their subject, as well as exercises, theory and links to sites of interest where they come from activities or agenda.
  • The aumno you can work on your computer and put them on the blog, either as inputs or links to files in your website.
  • It is desirable to indicate the source of all the information that appears on your blog and not yours.
  • Can be used to inform parents.
  • Can be used to make the digital newspaper from downtown.

Go ahead and start creating your own blog and share all your knowledge with the world. It was never so easy and simple to have your own website. Plus, it’s completely free and if you decide to evolve own domain, you can still use the Blogger system to manage your content.

Free Download USER GUIDE of Blogger

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