BlackBerry Storm manual

blackberry storm user manual pdf

BlackBerry Storm is a new concept of network connectivity within the mobile phone world.

Connectivity will be much easier if followed to the letter each and every one of the instructions shown in this manual we offer below.

Download BlackBerry Storm user guide

However, not everything is going to be talking about the advantages of the connection of this Blackberry as it has other elements really attractive, which, we are sure you will surprise a number of people, who were accustomed to enjoy other smartphone concept within the Canadian company.

And the first thing we miss is called QWERTY keyboard. Instead, and losing one of their trademarks, Blackberry has chosen a touchpad.

This, for many, is a gesture we want to join what many companies are doing, ie, making all its terminals are tactile.

The problem will be whether a touch pad in a 3.25-inch screen is practical or not. And all with a spectacular design that leaves behind many years in which the company’s innovations have been minimal.

Do not resist and purchased this mobile phone, which will give you very few performance. In addition, you can download the user manual in a fast and simple.

Download “BlackBerry Storm 9500 – 9530” – Downloaded 3915 times – 1.28 MB

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