BlackBerry Q10 manual pdf desarrollo aplicaciones blackberry

BlackBerry Q10. Discover the new BlackBerry smarpthone concept “BlackBerry Balance”. A single device for work and play without compromising private information.


Detailed features of the BlackBerry Q10

 With the new BlackBerry Remember that you can instantly organizes all the information you need. Consolidate your interests, ideas and projects in a practical application fully available to them when they want.

BlackBerry Hub. Do not hesitate and look at Hub BlackBerry ® from any application to check your messages and conversations. Whether you’re texting, new Facebook updates and the latest news from Twitter … have everything on one screen to manage and enjoy.

Video Sharing with BBM screen. With Blackberry BBM technology can speak face to face with your partner and share the contents of your screen with BBM ™ Video with screen sharing. Both sides are reflected in the screens for video calls are always perfect.

Teclaro full QWERTY. I could not miss the legendary BlackBerry smartphone, a full physical QWERTY keyboard on the standard do not waste a second to answer because “no answer” screen.

Remember that this device is not yet on sale. In the coming months will be available and the official user manual can be used as if you had bought years ago.


Download user maual of BlackBerry Q10