Blackberry Pearl user manual pdf

BlackBerry has long stopped making their smartphones BlackBerry Pearl range. And with the leap in technology that the world of mobile telephony has experienced canaduiense company has chosen to develop and emphasize other models such as for example the Curve

More information on the BlackBerry Pearl

The “Pearl” was a series of smartphones developed by Research In Motion. In fact it was the first BlackBerry with a camera and media player. It was released in 2006, with the Pearl 8100 model and the last one was the Pearl 9100 model launching the May 13, 2010. That year ended smartphone range giving rise to current smartphones. After this latest release, RIM announced it would not continue with the series Pearl.

Pearl series consists of eight devices: 8100, 8110, 8120, 8130, 8220, 8230, 9100 and 9105. The original idea was that within the professional utilizasen although as usual with most of these devices has spread throughout the world so that their use is much more common than we may think.

However, now is a good opportunity to get one of these BlackBerry, which, treasure a great quality in all Pearl models and get the most possible with manual we offer. Now you can show off with pride your device and use all its functions.

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