Acer Liquid Z5 | Manual and user guide PDF

Acer Liquid Z5 | Manual and user guide PDFAcer Liquid Z5. The stylish Liquid Z5 is the perfect phone for daily use. The large 5 “screen combined with the DTS Sound ™ audio immerses you in a world full movie. When something catches your eye, the quick camera AcerRAPID ™ captures everything that happens before the moment has passed.

Detailed features of the Acer Liquid Z5.

The perfect size. Liquid Z5 is the perfect size to offer all the benefits of a smartphone. Images and videos are with high brightness and sharpness in his great 5 “screen. Its compact design with a thickness of 8.8 mm and sleek curves allow you to have everything under control comfortably in one hand.

Everything under control. Use AcerRAPID ™ Liquid Acer Z5 button to start the day with a single touch. Although the screen is off, AcerRAPID ™ quickly start the camera so you will not miss any time. Also, from the Home screen, you can run your favorite applications, answering calls and more.

Direct sound. The Acer Liquid Z5 design incorporates a high performance front speaker that emits a crisp, powerful audio. Equipped with DTS Sound ™ smartphone, Acer Liquid Z5 plays tracks perfectly and has a speech enhancement system, improving range of stereo and much more, to make everything sound so unbeatable.

Dual Sim. It has two slots for phone cards, so you can carry two phone numbers in one handset. It is the perfect solution to separate the professional from the personal, without having to go charging two phones. Although that is one of the main functions of having Dual SIM, your possibilities are many.Discover them!

Custom profiles 4 you in the Acer Liquid Z5:

  • The Liquid Z5 features four different Quick Mode profiles targeted at different users and age groups.
  • Basic Mode: for youngsters with fixed call and text functions;
  • Senior Mode: messages, radio, weather, magnify, clock, quick call contacts to make life easier;
  • Classic mode: all main functions in a simple and organized layout for first time smartphone users;
  • Keypad mode: for people who primarily use voice and need their keypad right away.

Download USER GUIDE of Acer Liquid Z5

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